Management board

The Management Board is vested with all the necessary powers in order to manage the company’s assets and may, to this effect, undertake all operations and enter into all contracts of any nature and in any form committing the company, within the company’s mission and powers as expressly granted by law and by the company’s bylaws to the Supervisory Board and to shareholders’ meetings.

The Management Board submits to the Supervisory Board a quarterly report that reviews the major operations and significant events that occurred in the management of the company. Finally, after the closing of each fiscal year, and within three months, the Management Board presents the annual accounts for verification and audit to the Supervisory Board, as well as a report to shareholders during the Shareholders’ Annual Meeting.

The Management Board currently comprises two members and was reappointed in 2005 for a term of six years by the Supervisory Board:

Members of the Management Board 



Executive Board Member