The Rodriguez Group Partner to Jérôme Lando Casanova

Jérôme Lando Casanova

Since February 2012, the Rodriguez Group has had the honor of sponsoring the Amateur Golf Champion of France: Jérôme Lando Casanova.

Jérôme only began playing golf at the age of 19. At 26 years old, this golfer from the town of Bastia, who turned professional a few months ago, is deeply passionate about golf. His exceptional career, commitment to his sport at all times, and genuine qualities both as a sportsman and a person, these are the values that have struck the Rodriguez Group.

Jérôme will be wearing the Rodriguez Group colors at all the tournaments and competitions over the coming year that will be taking him to the finest greens in Europe.  Already for his first tournament of the ALPS Tour, Jérôme recently finished 3rd in the Samanah Open and 2nd in the Mogador Open.

The Rodriguez Group congratulates its young champion!

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