SNP Boat Service

Building the pleasures of luxury yachting day by day

Since 1972, when it was founded, the Rodriguez Group has been a leader in building yachts. It was an innovator in the field and remains, still today, a global leader. The Group designs yachts, oversees project management, and markets exceptional craft ranging from large Open vessels to displacement and semi-displacement yachts from 27 to more than 50 metres, for great pleasure of yacht lovers.
This expertise has been increased through the signing of commercial partnerships with the Italyachts and Sanlorenzo shipyards. Exclusive distributing of renowned yachts enables the Group to affirm its commitment to expanding its range, so as to serve its customers and offer them the best, whatever mode of navigation they prefer.
Thus, around the Rodriguez Group’s traditional business, SNP Boat Service offers its services to a selective and demanding clientele for whom the yacht and sailing are a source of pleasure and must always remain so.
For this reason, SNP Boat Service fully takes charge of your yacht: from the design stage to building it, to its decoration and launch, to its maintenance and crew, as well as to reselling it. The only thing left for you to do is enjoy making your plans and watching them come true.