SNP International

A necessity to offer you the best customer service at all times

The Rodriguez Group has been present in Italy and the United States since 1995; an expansion into the international market made necessary by the fact that the yachting world has no borders.

Whether in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or San Remo, the offices of SNP Boat SA all exhibit--with the same regard for excellence--the quality of service that day after day builds the reputation of Rodriguez Group around the world.

Justly representing the values of the group is important to us, everywhere, at all times. So when we participate in events, we show you our passion and a whole lot more.

This philosophy, this requisite, is an obvious part of our teams’ everyday life in Italy and the United States. The maintenance and assistance services are based on the same values as those founded in France at the origin of the Rodriguez Group. This is true at each stage in the life of your yacht, to satisfy your wants and needs, no matter what model of boat you own.