Docking Service / After-Sales Service

Being close to you also means being there when you need us

For your yacht to hold on to its prestige throughout its life, it is important that it be properly and regularly maintained and that you have assistance 24/7. Our ‘Docking’ service is available to all Rodriguez boat owners, whether your vessel is new or pre-owned, or one for trial use.

Highly experienced and deeply committed to quality service and customer satisfaction, these professionals offer you exceptional services ranging from the general inspection of a yacht about to be delivered, to the complete refit of an older boat, including repair work, both technical and aesthetic.

Moreover our after-sale service, directly linked to the ‘Docking’ service teams, work under all conditions when a problem occurs on a yacht, even beyond Mediterranean waters.

Unique along the French Riviera, this assistance makes the Rodriguez Group a true pioneer when it comes to customer service.