Discover all the charm of a decor that reflects who you are

When it comes to decoration, each customer has his own unique tastes, and the interior layout of a yacht is a reflection of his personality. So, to be sure that your wishes are met, the Rodriguez Group offers you a privileged service, with responses, guidance and impeccable service. At our Showroom, a unique and magical place located in Golfe Juan, you will be able to discover, see, touch and feel the sumptuous materials that are going to be decorating, all or part of your boat.
Let yourself be guided and advised by our decorators who will always be at your side. Together, first you will determine the layout of the yacht, and then you will select the materials: marble, wood, fittings, lamps…and eventually the fabric for the sofas, the blinds, the headboards, and even the sunbeds… They will also supervise the items being made-to-measure, travelling several times a month to Italy to guarantee you quality in following up the work in progress. As for the linens and dishes, they are placed on board as soon as your yacht arrives in Cannes.
Lastly, know that, just before your yacht is delivered, our decorators verify everything down to the last detail so that you discover a yacht where everything has already been installed; a warm and pleasant place where you feel good, a place to live that is a reflection of you. The quality of this custom service is also present the day you need to start restocking items, supplementing goods, having a piece of furniture altered, or even the entire yacht…
And because decoration is not reserved only for new boats, the Rodriguez Group also provides this dedicated service to owners of pre-owned vessels who would like to redesign the interior while benefiting from high quality assistance.